I think we certainly see the world in a similar way, and that’s helped our creative relationship. We describe emotions in a similar way. We both have a chip on our shoulders about the lack of education, and probably that’s from being seen as stupid before we were diagnosed [with dyslexia].
— Keira Knightley on her bond with Joe Wright


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Keira Knightley: “I’m a film lover and I don’t watch my own so I get completely inspired by other people’s work and that’s what drives me forward. When you have jealousy of that kind it means you’re not enjoying what you love. It takes away your own pleasure. I am always very grateful when people are making great work.”
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She shared a lot of advice with me. I had so much to learn from her and the beauty of what I get to do working with such incredibly talented people is just being in their presence, I’m able to pick up on so much. Sometimes at the end of the day, it’s not what they say, it’s what they do that really stands out to me. And Keira was just all around so amazing, and I’m such a fan of hers and to be able to work with her was truly special.
— Hailee Steinfeld on working with Keira Knightley
I like to explore people that I don’t necessarily understand in situations that I don’t necessarily understand. I don’t think I’ve played anybody who’s stupid, and maybe I should — maybe that would be a challenge.

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Get to Know Me Meme: 5 favorite actresses
↳2/5: Keira Knightley

I think a lot of people want to play heroic characters, and that’s it, but I don’t find that very compelling. It’s far more interesting to think about characters whose actions don’t always make sense. The fact is, the opposite is always alive in every decision. And if you look at your own life, and the way you’ve behaved and thought, it won’t always make sense either.
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I first read about [Alan Turing] several years ago and I was appalled. It didn’t happen in my lifetime, but I felt quite ashamed. It’s an important story to tell. We have to look at what happened to this brilliant man because of his sexual orientation. He was destroyed and we can’t let that happen again. We can’t let homophobia and bigotry take over and tear people apart.
— Keira Knightley to The Advocate

We got on really well. I’m so pleased to see that came across in the film. I think maybe because the two of us were Brits in New York, it brought us together a bit more.

She’s so relaxed. She takes the work seriously, but she doesn’t take herself seriously, which is the best kind of person.

I think this is one of her best performances. She’s so warm in it

— James Corden telling Heat Magazine about working with Keira Knightley on “Begin Again”
The criticism was tough. At school I’d always been good at things. And drama was always something I’d been good at. I was picked for good parts in the school plays and you form a sense of yourself from that. And then all of a sudden people are saying: No, you’re shit. You don’t know what you’re doing. It’s a strange jolt in how you see yourself and how you connect to the thing that you love.
Keira Knightley: The criticism was tough [x] (via knightleyfans)
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