There’s a book called ‘The [Other] Typist’ which the lovely people at Fox are kindly trying to develop for me. My agents found it and gave it to me to read. It has two really good female roles in it, so we shall see.
Keira Knightley mentions developing “The Other Typist” (x)
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I had an anon ask where the recent batch of quotes were from, but I accidentally deleted the message, sorry! The last few quotes are from Keira’s interview with Harpers Bazaar Arabia.

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When you’re in a room and everyone else on the creative team are men and you’re making a point about a character that’s a woman, quite often you’ll be voted down. So a lot of the view of womanhood we’re seeing is predominantly a male perspective. There are so few women directing, producing movies.
— Keira Knightley about the lack of women in the industry
No. It’s not a ‘thing’. Should it be a thing? You kind of need to do your bit for womanhood and stand up for yourself and say ‘it’s not a a thing, and this is positive.’ You can’t make people feel guilty about their age. You have to celebrate your life and not wish you were in a different part of it.
— Keira Knightley when asked if she was apprehensive about turning 30
I’m a film lover and I don’t watch my own so I get completely inspired by other people’s work and that’s what drives me forward. When you have jealousy of that kind it means you’re not enjoying what you love. It takes away your own pleasure. I am always very grateful when people are making great work.
— Keira Knightley when asked about seeing other people on the Oscar stage
I honestly have absolutely no wish to be a role model. I really don’t know what it means. I think people are flawed and should be allowed to make mistakes at every single part of their life. And that’s where I find it difficult, particularly when i was a teenager and people are going ‘Oh you’re a role model’. Fuck off, don’t make a teenager a role model. Let them be who they are and enjoy whatever they do. Trying to make them into these strange perfect beings to look up to and have all the answers is absurd.
— Keira Knightley
A lot of female journalists are writing about feminism again. Fucking great! Where have you been? You have to, you have a responsibility, portraying women in a positive light with all their flaws. And not going ‘Oh my god you’re 30, are you going to have an awful time?’ No, no! Come on, woman!
— KEIRA KNIGHTLEY addressing a female a journalist after she was asked if she was worried about turning 30 next year.
Thanks to make-up, good lighting and couture gowns. I play a role and become the representation that people expect of me. But it’s part of my job. On the one hand, there’s the public image of me, and on the other, a private person.
— Keira Knightley
With time and each new film, I continue to learn, unlearn and learn again.
— Keira Knightley
I can’t do anything about people’s opinions of me. If I’ve learned anything it’s to be able to go, “I can only give it my best — I can’t control what people think’.
— Keira Knightley